Nope, it’s not something you really want to talk about. You don’t want anyone to see you doing it. You don’t want anyone to know that it just happened. In fact, you might not even want to admit it to yourself! It’s called vomiting, it pretty much happens to everybody, we think that all of our Riverside, CA patients should know how to protect their smiles if (and when) it happens to them, but we know you might not want to bring this up during a visit. Really great news: Your Riverside dentist is more than happy to shed some light on this otherwise not-so-frequently-talked-about concern!

Do Rinse With Water Right Away

Your Riverside dentist explains that the very first thing you should do to keep your smile safe is to rinse very well with water as soon as possible. This flushes acids from your mouth, so it can more quickly return to a neutral state!

Don’t Brush Immediately After

You may have wonderful intentions, which means you assume it’s best to brush right after vomiting. Your Riverside dentist, however, suggests otherwise. When your teeth are coated in acid, they are vulnerable, which means brushing them too soon can cause damage. Instead, wait until after you’ve rinsed (about 30 minutes) and then brush!

Limit Triggers If It’s Due To Pregnancy (We Can Help)

If you’re not just having the random bout of illness or nausea that leads to vomiting but you are instead the very lucky recipient of morning sickness (which can occur any time of day) that accompanies pregnancy, well: You should let us know. You should remember that while it might seem hopeless at the moment, there are certainly some triggers you can avoid, which can help you prevent feeling sick. Of course, your Riverside dentist encourages you to follow the aforementioned suggestions, should you vomit. However, to try to prevent this, remember to choose dental hygiene flavors that are mild instead of strong, to be gentle when you brush to avoid gagging, to practice dental care when you feel best during the day, and to come in to receive additional help from us!

Ask Us Anything You Need To Know About Your Smile Health

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