Turkey Day! It’s a fun day, it’s full of food, it often feels like the very beginning of the holiday season, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face and some very delectable food in your belly. However, what you may not feel so confident about is your smile, your kids’ smile, and how to feel like you’ve had a lovely time without dealing with anxiety about your family’s oral health the whole time! As you may have guessed, our Riverside, CA team completely understands. Changes in routine, food, and even travel can send your usual approach right out the window. No need to worry, though. Your Riverside children’s dentist is here to help!

If They Don’t Always Want To Floss…

Though your Riverside children’s dentist always suggests that everyone floss once every single day, if you have some particularly fussy flossers who occasionally wriggle out of having to use their dental floss, remember that Thanksgiving is a day to make sure flossing happens. Protein-rich foods like turkey very easily become stuck between teeth, which makes for a bacterial breeding ground, bad breath, a greater chance of decay, etc. This is one day that should definitely end with floss for the whole family!

Watch That Sugar Intake…

Your Riverside children’s dentist reminds you that when you’re at a free-for-all style dinner like Thanksgiving, the second you turn your back, there’s a good chance kids will make a beeline for the desserts. Who wouldn’t sneak a cookie or two given the chance? Simply keep in mind that in addition to the fact that your kiddos may suddenly become surprisingly irritable and then drowsy from too much sugar, their teeth may end up super coated with it! So, take the very simple step of ensuring you have them drink some water with their meal or after the meal. That way, you can enjoy your experience without feeling stressed about trying to immediately corral them into the bathroom for extra brushing (before brushing again later).

Use A List

Make up a quick list for whatever it is you need to bring with you to dinner, whether you’re traveling or not, so you and your kids are ready for a lovely Thanksgiving. It will most certainly help keep your stress levels in check, explains your Riverside children’s dentist!

See Your Children’s Dentist For Lots Of Helpful Tips

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