Your children’s dentist is often full of some very helpful ideas for our Riverside, CA patients. With this in mind, perhaps you’d like to hear some of those suggestions as they apply to the upcoming new year! You know, of course, that there is time to come up with resolutions and, as we are already into December, the time is dwindling! Before we find that 2019 has arrived, why not consider some fun and beneficial ways to resolve to do even better for your smile and your kiddos’ smiles? It just might be a fun family activity!

Making Resolutions For Your Family

If you’re the one in charge of dental checkups and cleanings and just about everything else, then you may need to make some resolutions on behalf of your family. Your children’s dentist suggests keeping this simple, so you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember that resolutions for 2019 that sound something like, “Help everyone achieve a perfect smile,” may be a bit too much. However, setting up completely realistic and very important resolutions like, “Set up both cleanings and checkups by calling in January,” is something you can do and your main priority for your family’s prevention!

Making Resolutions With The Kiddos

Your kids may surprise and shock you when you hear the resolutions they come up with on their own. They may make you laugh or create a heartfelt moment. In any case, your children’s dentist reminds you that this is a good time to guide children toward learning about making little changes for their oral health as they reflect on personal habits. You might talk with them about resolving to go shopping together for dental hygiene products as a family. You may also talk about resolving to put on a happy face and feel excited about brushing in the new year. It’s up to you! Just keep it light-hearted and positive.

Making Personal Resolutions

Your children’s dentist reminds you not to forget about you. Yes, your children require comprehensive dental care but so do you! Remember to focus on feeling good about your care and keeping up with the foundational elements, so you feel confident about the oral health of your entire family in 2019. Need something? Just ask.

Make Family Smile Resolutions To See Us Soon!

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