Your children’s dentist knows that when the holidays are in full effect, you can have a hard time figuring out how to balance all the fun and your concerns about your family’s oral health. While you cannot keep an eye on everyone and every snack every second, you can have a bit of a backup plan in terms of how you may keep everyone on a path toward smile that can remain healthy! Think over the very easy suggestions our Riverside, CA team has to offer you this special time of year and you can rest easy during your celebrations!

Sugarless Chewing Gum

Can’t stand thinking about the potential cavities that may be forming as your kids eat chocolates and then cookies and then a piece of cake and then some brownie and then a taste of pie during your holidays? Wishing you had time to run to the restroom to brush? Keep sugarless gum on hand, suggests your children’s dentist (remember to only give it to the older kiddos) for some additional preventive protection. It’s actually quite helpful!

Dental Floss

When it’s not holiday time, you will be hard-pressed to suddenly find yourself looking for floss for your child or your spouse. Most of the time, nobody wants to floss but they do it anyway. However, during the holidays, you will suddenly become everyone’s favorite for keeping floss with you! Why is this? Your children’s dentist reminds you that you may be at someone else’s home, you’ll be eating lots of protein-rich foods that can get stuck between teeth, and then there’s a long list of other foods that can get stuck between teeth. Keep that floss around, so everyone’s smiles stay nice and clean and comfy!

An Ongoing List

When you plan on traveling with your family over the holidays, your children’s dentist reminds you for the sake of your sanity and everyone’s happiness, it’s wonderful to keep a list going. As you prepare to leave your home, keep track of the things you need to bring with you that you will pack (including any oral health related items). Then, when you’re traveling, add to the list if there’s anything anybody requires. Check the list as you head home, too, so you don’t accidentally leave something important behind (like your children’s toothbrushes, your partial, etc.).

Enjoy A Smile-Safe Holiday Season With Your Dentist’s Help

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