Are you someone who is pretty sure you’re dealing with sleep apnea? However, are you also someone who has not yet come in to receive the sleep apnea treatment you’re extremely certain that you need? Are you married? If so, then our Riverside, CA team happens to know that your spouse has probably been encouraging (or flat out demanding) that you start treatment as soon as you possibly can. Are you having a hard time understanding why your significant other feels so strongly about this? We can remove the mystery for you!

Your Spouse Is Physically Fatigued

One of the problems with postponing the decision to come in to receive sleep apnea treatment from our team? When you suffer from this sleep disorder, you make lots of noises and you choke and you wake up because you cannot breathe multiple times during the night. This commotion wakes your partner up! So, while you may think you are the only tired one, chances are good that your spouse is just as physically exhausted as you are! Or, possibly even more so if you’re fully waking your significant other every night, while you fall back into slumber!

Your Spouse Is Emotionally Exhausted

Hey, guess what? If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, you’re probably not the easiest person to be around right now, which can become emotionally exhausting for your spouse. Why might this be? Well, if you’re exhausted, then you’re probably crabby, having trouble focusing, you don’t have energy to have fun and feel happy, etc. Your spouse may feel this way, too, all of which can put a strain on your relationship! We suggest: Start treatment!

Your Spouse Is Worried About You

Your spouse knows what we know about sleep apnea and the need for sleep apnea treatment: You need it because it’s important for your actual physical health. When you don’t receive treatment, you continue to put yourself in harm’s way. Sleep apnea can worsen or lead to the development of problems with your heart, your blood pressure, your liver, and your life! Treat it, so you’re keeping yourself safe and your loved ones can feel certain of that fact.

Get Sleep Apnea Treatment Started ASAP

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