Here we are! It’s a new year, it’s cozy winter time, and it’s also … yes, you guessed it … cold and flu season. While you may be quite good about keeping your hands clean, that doesn’t mean your children have picked up on your detailed approach to doing all that you can to prevent the spread of germs. Trust us when we say that our Riverside, CA team understands that kiddos are still learning and that we love to help. For some assistance that will coincide with protecting your children’s smiles, your Riverside children’s dentist offers simple tips.

Tip: Have Kids Wash Hands Before And After Meals

It’s always a good idea to have your children wash their hands before they eat. Then again after they eat, explains your Riverside children’s dentist. Why is this a good practice? Remember that lots and lots of germs are transported on hands and fingers! When your children touch food and then place that food into their mouths with cold or flu viruses on their hands, they are ingesting them! When adults and kids alike get into the habit of washing before meals (and after, to avoid spreading their own germs to others), it’s a plan that works well year-round.

Tip: Carry Hand Sanitizer

We remind parents that carrying hand sanitizer is a wonderful choice! Whether you have little kids or teens, when you’re on the go, there’s not always a way to stop at a restroom to wash up. When you have hand sanitizer, you can kill germs and protect your oral health and overall health. For instance, if you’ve been out and about and your child is going to eat fast food in the car, you want clean hands first. Then, what if your child needs to floss and you pass back the dental floss? Clean hands are essential again!

Tip: Keep The Bathroom Clean (And Kids’ Hands Clean)

Your Riverside children’s dentist reminds you that for both children and adults, it’s always smart to first clean your hands before you brush your teeth. It’s also wise to keep your bathroom area as clean as you can. When you limit germs, you limit the chance of ingesting them and becoming sick. Wash again after you brush and floss and you will further limit spreading them around the bathroom, onto door handles, and beyond!

Protect Your Family With Easy Dental Tips

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