Since you’ve probably been brushing your teeth for a long time, as in years and years if not multiple decades, you might think that you’ve already gotten all of the toothpaste information you need to learn memorized and stored away. However, our Riverside, CA team knows all too well that in many instances, even good brushers are missing a key detail or two in regard to optimizing their toothpaste use and making the best product choices! So, before you miss out on significant factors, your Riverside dentist would like to share some very helpful reminders that can make a beneficial impact on your dental hygiene.

Reminder: You’ve Got To Use It

Yes, it’s a sort of strange thing to think about, but you may suddenly find yourself wondering one day whether toothpaste is even necessary. Can’t you just brush with a wet toothbrush, you wonder? While this will offer you some amount of cleansing power, you won’t be enjoying a thorough cleanse, which means you go through the motions but your dental hygiene routine leaves plaque behind that will lead to future damage.

Reminder: Fluoride Is Better Than Fluoride-Free

We would like to remind you that fluoride is an extremely important component of toothpaste that will provide you with effective care and prevention against tooth decay. When you go without it, you’re inviting cavities and you are leaving teeth vulnerable to becoming weak.

Reminder: Abrasive Paste Is Ultra Dangerous

Simply put: If there is anything abrasive in your toothpaste, you are going to want to use something else! Any type of additives that can scrape up your teeth can lead to ongoing erosion that leads to long-term damage and problems, according to your Riverside dentist.

Reminder: You Only Need A Little

Doing your best to brush like we recommend, so you can avoid cavities, fillings, and more? You might think that really loading that brush up with as much toothpaste as you can manage is going to be to your benefit. However, it’s not! Counterintuitive as this may seem, in this case, less is usually more. What you want is just a dab that equals roughly the size of one pea. Then, you know that you’re getting just the amount you need, explains your Riverside dentist.

See Your Riverside Dentist For Hygiene Tips

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