Having bruxism means that you grind your teeth more often than you realize. You may do it unconsciously throughout the day, catching yourself now and then and forcing your teeth to stop. Or, like most patients who have bruxism, you may grind your teeth more often at night while you’re asleep and unable to stop yourself at all. At our Riverside, CA, dental office, we’ve helped many patients avoid or recover from complex oral health issues by diagnosing and treating their bruxism, often with a comfortable, custom-designed oral appliance.

What does bruxism mean?

Bruxism is the technical name for constant, uncontrollable teeth-grinding. It can occur for a variety of reasons, from chronic stress to an imbalance in your bite’s alignment, and more. As your teeth force themselves against each other, they can gradually wear each other, weakening their structures and changing the shape of their chewing surfaces. Because it can often occur at night and is often unnoticeable even during the day, bruxism sufferers may experience severe levels of tooth damage by the time they notice and seek treatment. The longer you wait, the more likely you will need more extensive treatment to address severe tooth damage, as well.

What teeth-grinding can lead to

The excessive wear and damage that bruxism can wreak on your teeth are just the beginning of the problems that the condition lead to. For example, as your teeth wear down, you may also experience:

  • Higher risks of tooth decay – As your tooth enamel becomes thin and weak, it becomes easier for oral bacteria to erode it. Once they do, the bacteria can more easily infect your tooth structure, leading to tooth decay and a cavity.
  • TMJ disorder – TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder, affects the joints that control your jaw movement. The repeated pressure and stress from bruxism can damage one or both of your TMJs, causing severe discomfort and increasingly worse problems with your bite’s function.
  • Gum recession and disease – Though you won’t typically grind your teeth against your gums, the pressure your teeth experience can irritate the gum tissues surrounding them. This may cause them to separate from your teeth (recede) and increase your risks of developing destructive gum disease.

Save your teeth from bruxism

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