When the topic of flossing comes up, there are certainly different ways to hold your floss, different types of floss, and even a variety of flavors! However, when we’re talking about the best way to approach flossing, the bottom line is: You should do it daily! However, if you’re not adhering to this particular system of smile protection, as suggested by our Riverside, CA practice, then you may be way, way off the rails! Take some time with your Riverside dentist, as you recognize that this aspect of your approach to prevention just might not guide you toward your easiest, most successful dental care experience! Consider approaches not to take…

By Waiting Until Gums Look Puffy

One approach your Riverside dentist definitely does not suggest? Deciding that you’ll just wait until your gums look puffy to begin flossing. We know that you may assume you can just ignore flossing and then quickly get started with this part of your dental hygiene but this may backfire. While flossing can help remove plaque buildup that contributes to the formation of gingivitis, by the time you realize the change, you may also require professional care (such as a deep cleaning) in order to stop and reverse this first stage of gum disease. Don’t do this. Instead, prevent all manner of issues by simply flossing daily!

By Hoping We Don’t Notice

Another thing we definitely don’t suggest? Just avoiding flossing altogether, hoping that we don’t notice, and then only beginning to floss when your Riverside dentist mentions it looks as though you’re not keeping up with complete dental hygiene during a checkup. We say this primarily because we will always notice (tartar will form in areas where you should be flossing), it will leave you highly vulnerable to decay and gingivitis, and it’s easier to floss than to have to address oral health problems that have developed.

By Doing It Only When Teeth Feel Coated

Prevent the grimy buildup, rather than trying to remove it after the fact. It’s safer, more effective, and you’re actually getting your teeth clean this way. Flossing after they feel dirty means you’re removing surface buildup but you are flossing over already super-hard tartar that stays put until we remove it during a cleaning!

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