When you end up with tooth decay, you may have lots of different ideas about what our Riverside, CA team will suggest for you in terms of restorative care. If you are like many of our patients, you may immediately guess that you will need a dental filling. In most instances, this is going to turn out to be correct! However, remember that all decay is not exactly the same, which means sometimes you may require something else, such as a crown or a root canal (or both!). When might your cavity call for one or the other, you wonder? Allow your Riverside dentist to help you get an initial grasp of what’s what in the world of addressing your decay!

When It’s A Filling

When you have tooth decay and your Riverside dentist suggests a dental filling, this is a very popular treatment to receive. Why, you wonder? Well, a filling is composed of composite, a material that we can use to fill a cavity and we can then shape for a beautiful fit. Generally speaking, a filling is best for decay that has lead to minor to moderate decay. However, when your tooth is missing a significant amount of tissue and the decay is more severe, you may require a more intensive form of care. When you’re keeping up with visits, however, we can find your decay and treat it ASAP!

When It’s A Crown

Now, about that more severe form of tooth decay that will have led to the damage of a significant portion of your tooth: This may happen as the direct result of decay. Or, you may have a large cavity and then break your tooth as a result of the fact that the tooth is structurally compromised. In either case, we will need to remove the decay and the damaged tissue and then cover your tooth with a dental crown, so the tooth is saved, your oral health is restored, you have a “whole tooth” to use again, and you avoid an extraction, explains your Riverside dentist.

When It’s A Root Canal

Very serious or deep decay that has left the internal part of your tooth exposed may require a root canal treatment! Dental pulp that lines your tooth cannot heal from an infection, so we will remove it, seal and fill your tooth, and then crown the tooth for success!

See Us Soon To Address Tooth Decay

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