When you’re dealing with TMJ disorder, which is what happens when your jaw joints aren’t exactly working as well as they could (and, as a result, you’re experiencing some exhausted or uncomfortable jaws), it’s time for action! Right? Well, yes and no. Of course, it’s time to kick it into high gear as you visit our Riverside, CA team for a checkup to see just what’s going on. However, it’s also time to give your jaw joints the chance to enjoy some luxurious and much-needed rest. How to accomplish all of this? Allow your Riverside dentist to help!

Let TMJs Rest During The Day

During the day, your Riverside dentist reminds you that you can let your jaw joints rest if you’re mindful about it! Yes, of course, you need to use your jaw joints to move your mouth so you can eat, talk, etc. However, remember that there are other motions you don’t necessarily have to perform, such as:

  • Lots of snacking
  • Nibbling as habit, such as on your fingernails
  • Chewing on gum
  • Eating very hard or chewy foods that require a lot of forceful motion

Help TMJs Rest At Night

What about at night? Don’t your TMJs rest, while you’re sleeping, you wonder? Well, the truth is that you may clench while you sleep or, the simple fact that your jaws are not aligned in a relaxing way may promote further problems and stress for your jaw joints, rather than a calm, relaxing position. Fortunately, your Riverside dentist offers TMJ treatment, which just means you’ll wear a mouthguard. It’s comfortable, it will put your jaws into a relaxing position, and you can sleep as you give your jaw joints a serious break!

Address Underlying Concerns

Remember, as well, suggests your Riverside dentist, that there may be some issue with your smile that we can address to take stress off of your jaw joints. For instance, replacing old dental work that negatively impacts your bite balance will work wonders! See us soon for further details.

Give Your TMJs A Chance To Rest

Come in to see our team when you are dealing with any type of jaw strain, discomfort, or symptoms, so we may determine the immediate cause and offer you the TMJ disorder treatment you require. Give us a call in Riverside, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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