You may not realize when you have a sore in your mouth and you put pain relief ointment on it, feel better, and then assume all is well that you’re not actually fixing a problem. Instead, you’re only treating the symptom (which is the pain) but you’re not actually curing the heart of the issue (the sore). With that said, our Riverside, CA team wants you to recognize that this is an extremely common tale! Fortunately, it’s also one for which your Riverside dentist would like to offer you some additional education, which may serve as some helpful and much needed enlightenment (so your intentions can provide you with the improvement you seek!).

You’re Putting A “Bandage” On It

Not really doing anything about what you think might be really wrong with your smile but you’re definitely doing all that you can to feel okay on the day-to-day? We understand! However, our team also reminds you that it’s very important to remember to distinguish between symptoms and diseases, damage, or disorder that need your attention. When you just address the discomfort or other symptom associated with whatever is happening with your smile, it’s like putting a bandage over a serious wound. It may offer momentary relief but it won’t repair it!

The Problem Is Getting Worse

Your Riverside dentist would like to get a bit more specific here. Remember, even though you may find a way to mask symptoms like pain, the actual disease, disorder, or damage that symptom is coming from is still there. Unfortunately, problems progress and become worse, which means the longer the issue goes untreated, the worse it will get. So, when any shift happens with your smile that’s not beneficial, it’s time to come in!

Only Professional Care Will Fix The Cause

Save yourself money, time, energy, and upset by scheduling a dental checkup with your Riverside dentist right away, when symptoms of any potential oral health concern occur. That way, you can receive the precise restorative treatment you require, right away.

Treat Smile Problems With Our Team

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