No matter the week, month, time of year, etc., there are always distractions that can get in your way, causing you to end up doing something else instead of remembering to use your sleep apnea treatment! With that said, now that we’re headed toward Halloween, we want you to consider the fact that these upcoming months may contain some changes well into the New Year that may leave you getting into bed and then waking up in the morning, realizing that you got into bed yet again without your nightguard! Fortunately, you’ve got our Riverside, CA team on your side to help you with some simple reminders!

Major Holidays!

The good news about the holiday season is that it is so much fun. It’s a time of eating, of giving, of laughing, and, well, of dealing with huge changes in your routine and your schedule. With that said, simply take time right now to remember to keep up with your sleep apnea treatment. Make a list that includes your oral appliance, when traveling. Write notes to yourself to remember to use it if you’re home!

The Nights Of Your Time Off!

We remind you that during holiday time, it’s not just the nights of major holidays that can throw you for a loop! It’s also those extended breaks, when you take time off from your usual day-to-day experience. Again, simply remember to make it a priority to remember your sleep apnea treatment, whatever your new, very relaxed schedule includes!

Daylight Saving Can Throw You Off

Don’t forget that when it starts to get darker earlier in the evening, due to the changing of the seasons and daylight saving time, it can really throw a wrench into your usual routine! This is something that can affect your dental hygiene and remembering to wear any oral appliance, from those treating bruxism to TMJ disorder to your sleep apnea! Adjust your nightly efforts in smile care to ensure you complete all necessary tasks before you fall asleep!

See Us For The Sleep Protection You Need

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