The importance of replacing lost teeth can seem fairly obvious, even if you haven’t experienced tooth loss yet. For example, it’s common knowledge that once you lose a tooth, it doesn’t grow back, which means replacing it is the only way to fill the gap in your smile. However, the fact that you’ve lost one or more teeth can have greater consequences for your oral health than you might realize. When replacing your lost teeth at our Riverside, CA, dental office, we aim to address as many of those consequences as possible, which typically requires the help of one or more dental implants.

They support your prosthesis better

Dental implant posts are designed to mimic and replace the roots of your lost teeth. They’re made from biocompatible titanium, which your jawbone fuses to as it heals, and can withstand the full weight of your bite pressure to offer optimal support for your dental crown, bridge, or denture. Compared to traditional dental prosthesis, which rely on things like abutment teeth (for bridges), clasps (for partial dentures), and adhesives (for full dentures), implants offer a much more lifelike support system.

They preserve your other teeth

The effects of tooth loss can impact your remaining healthy, natural teeth in several different ways. For example, they can gradually shift out of alignment due the empty space among them, causing increasingly more concerns for your oral health. Also, the loss of your teeth roots can gradually make your jawbone weaker, causing it to lose mass and density over time. This can make it harder for your jawbone to support the rest of your healthy teeth and increases your risks of losing more teeth in the future.

They interact with your smile’s foundation

The way dental implant posts help preserve your jawbone’s strength and integrity is by reestablishing stimulation in the area every time you bite and chew. This is typically the duty of your healthy teeth roots, which is why losing one or more of them results in the weakening of your jawbone structure. Because they’re the only option for replacing your lost teeth roots, dental implants are the only solution that can interact with your jawbone to help preserve its healthy, strong structure.

Learn if you should upgrade to dental implants

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