As 2019 is on its way out, you may be thinking a lot about your resolutions. One outlook to take on, so you can cut out the dead weight and make room for some very good smile care decisions throughout the new year and beyond? If our Riverside, CA team has anything to say about it, you’ll get quite serious about letting go anything that doesn’t support or benefit your ability to optimize your professional treatments and your dental hygiene. If this sounds a bit too broad of a suggestion, your Riverside dentist will be happy to narrow it down for you with just a handful of smart things to leave behind as you wave “goodbye!” to 2019!

#1: Say Goodbye To Smile Care Excuses!

When the new year shows up, you may wonder what you can do on a philosophical level to make sure you’re doing a better job with your smile. Your Riverside dentist is quick to remind you that you should absolutely decide to say goodbye to smile care excuses! For instance, when you feel any excuse coming on to skip your brushing, to avoid flossing, or to skip or procrastinate with scheduling (or coming in) for your dental checkup and cleaning, it’s time to simply follow through on the care you need instead!

#2: Say Goodbye To Old Items!

What exactly do you have populating your bathroom counter and cabinets at the moment in terms of smile care products? We remind you that if you have anything that’s old, that’s been used until it’s no longer effective, that’s expired, etc., it’s high time to say goodbye to those products! Make sure the items you use for any aspect of your dental care is fully effective, so it offers optimal benefits.

#3: Say Goodbye To Bad Habits

Last but certainly not least, your Riverside dentist reminds you that it’s time to say goodbye to bad habits, as you wave goodbye to 2019. Stop anything that can negatively impact your oral health or smile, from chewing your nails to eating very hard snacks, forgetting to wear nightly treatment, and more!

Make Room For Smile Health In 2020

Get ready to enjoy your healthiest smile and your easiest dental care yet, when you come in to see your Riverside dentist! Plan your visits ahead of time and remain consistent, so you’re back on track in the new year! Give us a call in Riverside, CA to schedule a consultation with your dentist. We are proud to serve patients from Riverside, Temecula, Moreno Valley, Corona, and all surrounding California communities. To schedule an appointment, contact one of the following locations nearest to you:

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