As your kids grow up, they can take on more responsibilities, develop a greater understanding of the world, and face risks that might make you nervous. Even from an early age, you will have to worry about the condition of your child’s teeth. You want them to grow up with a healthy and lovely smile, but to do so they will need to take good care of their teeth. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we can provide valuable assistance when it comes to your child’s dental health. On top of providing important care during every routine pediatric dental checkup, we can help them learn the importance of oral care. With a better understanding of how to take care of their teeth, and why it matters, kids are less likely to have problems with tooth decay over time!

What Puts Kids At Risk For Tooth Decay?

Even from an early age, a child’s dental enamel is strong enough to provide important natural protection against harm from oral bacteria. With that said, your child can be at more risk for tooth decay than you because they are less skilled at properly brushing and flossing. Kids also tend to be more vulnerable because they consume more sweets. With guidance on brushing and flossing, and plenty of healthy meals and snacks, you can control their risk. For further support, remember that kids – and their parents – enjoy many benefits from regular dental checkups. One of these benefits comes from their expert teeth cleanings, which remove tartar deposits that can remain on teeth even after you clean them.

We Provide Important Support During Routine Pediatric Visits

Because kids are still learning to care for their teeth, pediatric appointments provide both education and traditional support. The tips and lessons on brushing and flossing provided to your child at an appointment can help them become more effective at cleaning their teeth on their own. Information about the harmful nature of cavities can also encourage them to practice moderation with harmful products. This support comes in addition to appropriate cleanings and evaluations that defend teeth and gums from trouble.

Even with regular appointments, kids can struggle with oral care. Fluoride and dental sealants can be used to help them remain free of problems with decay. Your dentist can let you know when these treatments might be appropriate, and explain how they make it less likely that they will require dental fillings or dental crowns in the future.

Tips To Help Your Kids Remain Cavity-Free Between Appointments

If you want to give your kids more support between visits, pay attention to what you put on the dinner table, and what you include in school lunches. Cutting back on their sugar intake can make them far less likely to develop cavities over time. When kids begin brushing and flossing by themselves, make sure you check in to encourage them to practice these habits effectively.

Our Corona, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help Your Kids Grow Up Without Cavity Troubles

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