While a dental emergency can be a scary experience, it is not one that you have to navigate alone! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is proud to make emergency oral health services available to our patients when they are in need of care on short notice. This prompt care can mean spending less time in pain, but there are additional benefits. Urgent dental care after a serious injury can improve your chances of saving a tooth, which means you are more likely to avoid needing a dental prosthetic. It also means you are more likely to finish having a problem restored before an important event, which can make your smile care less stressful.

Arranging Same Day Care For Your Dental Emergency

Sometimes, a problem with a person’s smile is too serious to delay treatment. If your tooth has been badly broken, knocked loose, or completely dislodged, the timing of your treatment could make the difference for saving it. This prompt care also means you spend less time with active discomfort, or an injury that makes biting and chewing difficult for you.

Taking Care Of Your Tooth Before You Arrive For Treatment

While your dentist is prepared to restore your tooth on short notice, you can still find yourself in an uncomfortable situation on your way to your appointment. If the tooth is knocked out, do not touch its roots – handle its crown (the portion visible above your gum line) only. You can carefully rinse it with lukewarm water, but be careful to preserve tissue still attached to it. You can place it back in its socket if doing so is comfortable, but if necessary you can also keep it in milk or salt water when you travel to the dentist’s office.

Restorative Dentistry Can Preserve Your Smile And Protect Your Tooth

The right restorative dental treatment can give you back your full, confident smile. Unfortunately, a dental emergency may lead to tooth loss even if you receive prompt care. If a tooth simply cannot be saved, we can provide you with a dental bridge, or make arrangements for you to receive a dental implant that can hold a permanent restoration. In a situation where a tooth can be saved, we can provide lifelike dental crowns so that your smile is preserved after treatment. A lifelike crown can offer valuable cosmetic benefits, as well as functional support for you.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Is Ready To Help During A Dental Emergency

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who are affected by a dental emergency can come to us for prompt support! To learn more about the services our practice provides in an emergency, or to discuss general oral health matters, you can reach our office below, or contact another one of our locations closest to you:

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