Have you struggled with tooth decay, or have you managed to keep your smile free of harmful cavities to date? Some people have a harder time than others avoiding cavities. In some cases, individuals who have successfully avoided them can reach a point in their life where they seem difficult to prevent. A person’s relative risk for dental troubles can vary, and it can change over the time. Because of this, you should be committed to practicing good smile care even if you feel confident in your ability to naturally resist cavities. In addition to practicing smart care at home when you brush and floss, you should also make time to see your Riverside, CA dentist for regular dental exams and cleanings.

Consistent Smile Care Can Help You Remain Free Of Oral Health Troubles

No matter how difficult or easy it has been for you to prevent dental health problems, you should be committed to a good oral care routine. Changes in diet, certain medications, and gradual enamel erosion can interfere with your natural protection against decay. This means that in time, a person who has been fortunate enough to avoid cavities can start to have trouble preventing them. If you want to avoid restorative dental work in the future, you should think about what you are doing for your smile today!

What Does Your Daily Smile Care Routine Look Like?

Do you brush at least two times a day? Are you someone who flosses at least once a day? These are two important components in an overall oral health care plan. Unfortunately, people who keep up with these activities can still fall short of good oral care because they are not spending enough time working to fully clean their teeth. You should spend at least two minutes brushing, and you should be mindful of how important it is to bring the floss string all the way down to your gum line when cleaning your teeth.

Other Benefits To Preventive Dentistry

Through smart daily care and regular teeth cleanings at your dentist’s office, you can have an easier time avoiding cavities. While this is an important part of preventive dentistry, this is not the only benefit to your checkups! When your dentist evaluates your smile, they can look for more than just decay. These reviews can lead to the detection of gingivitis, which can be a problem if left alone. We can also watch out for signs that it might be time to plan the extraction of your wisdom teeth, so they are not able to affect your oral health or appearance.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Proper Smile Care

At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who are worried about their oral care can come to us for support! We provide dedicated cleanings and evaluations during every preventive visit. These sessions can help you avoid problems like tooth decay, and they can lead to the early detection and treatment of cavities. To find out more, you can contact our practice or another of our locations with the following information:

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