An important part of providing care for your kids is educating them on how they can (and should) take care of themselves. Just as pediatric dental visits with their Temecula, CA dentist can help kids learn the importance of proper oral hygiene, guidance from you can ensure kids follow through with effective brushing and flossing. With that said, you may be unsure of how to best go about guiding kids on how to perform these behaviors. The right approach to encouraging good habits can be fun while still being instructive. You can also use this time to think about your own approach to preventive dental care and look for ways to improve your oral care routine!

1. Join Them In Brushing And Flossing

One simple way to show kids how to brush and floss properly is to simply show them by doing it yourself. Giving kids visual guidance can help them understand what an effective routine looks like. This approach can also turn oral hygiene into a fun family activity.

2. Use A Timer To Help Them Develop Good Brushing Habits

Brushing consistently is important, but if you want your kids to avoid dental fillings and dental crowns, make sure they also know to be thorough. In order to enjoy a thorough cleaning, a person is advised to brush for at least two minutes. Help your kids know how long this should feel by setting up a timer, and instructing them to continue brushing until it rings. This can help them develop a good appreciation for what counts as “enough” effort to clean their teeth. Remind them to use this time effectively, and to go after harder to reach areas that can be vulnerable to plaque and tartar buildup.

3. Let Them Pick Their Own Toothbrush

The right toothbrush is important at any age, but it can be especially important for kids to select their brush. Let them choose one that appeals to them – many stores will feature an array of popular characters. Because a toothbrush should be changed approximately every three months, they can look forward to future selections, too.

Your Temecula, CA Dentist Can Help Your Kids Grow Up With Healthy Smiles!

At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we are proud to provide important oral health services to patients of all ages. For our youngest patients, we can provide a combination of dedicated preventive dental care and education on smart daily habits. Dental exams are important for a person at any age. We provide access to checkups as well as support in the form of restorative, cosmetic, and even prosthetic work. If you have questions, you can reach our practice – or another one of our convenient locations – with the information provided below:

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