Fighting oral bacteria by brushing and flossing will protect you from developing cavities, and it can also keep you safe against an infection that affects your gums. Unfortunately, people sometimes assume that by brushing alone, they can effectively keep their teeth and gums safe from plaque and tartar buildup, seeing flossing as just a means to remove debris stuck between teeth. You should be aware that flossing protects you by removing bacteria that can gather between your teeth. While our Riverside, CA dentist can help you maintain a healthy smile through regular dental exams and cleanings, the actions you take at home can be vital when it comes to avoiding problems with your oral health.

Can Better Brushing Take The Place Of Flossing?

You should have a thorough brushing routine in place if you want to avoid work involving dental fillings or dental crowns. With that said, thorough brushing should not be your only daily line of defense against bacteria! Flossing is important because you can remove harmful debris between your teeth. These spaces afford room for bacteria, but it can be hard to take care of them with your toothbrush.

Make Sure Your Routine Protects Your Gum Line

Oral bacteria that accumulate on teeth can damage our enamel, which leads to problems with tooth decay. In addition to being an issue for our teeth, the bacteria that gather at a person’s gum line can also hurt your oral health by causing gingivitis. When this happens, you may notice your gums look swollen, or they can bleed more easily when you clean your teeth. An effective flossing routine can help with this by clearing away bacteria at the base of teeth. Doing so can help you avoid gingivitis, or fight a recent infection. It is important to treat gingivitis like a serious matter – if an infection is not addressed properly, it can become more advanced and harder to treat.

Additional Daily Changes That Can Help You Protect Your Smile

In addition to practicing better brushing and flossing habits to protect your smile, be mindful about the role your diet plays if you want to manage your health. Cut back on sugary snacks, and limit your consumption of sweetened beverages in order to lower your risk for cavities. By doing so, you are less likely to need a dental filling or dental crown in the future.

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