In ideal circumstances, a person will never have to experience a dental injury that requires treatment. Unfortunately, it is possible for you to experience harm that calls for professional care, and you should know what your dentist can do for you in that situation. Your Riverside, CA dentist’s office offers emergency dental appointments for patients who are in need of care on short notice. For dental pain, tooth trauma, or even a lost tooth, we can provide care to restore your smile. We understand that there is never a “right” time for an injury, and that patients can sometimes require treatment outside of office hours. With this in mind, we do offer same-day appointments and after hours visits whenever they might be called for.

A Tooth Injury Can Become More Serious If It Is Not Treated

Unfortunately, a problem with a physically injured tooth can worsen if it is not treated promptly. The injury you experience may lead to internal problems, which can put the ultimate health of your tooth in jeopardy. You should be particularly concerned if your tooth continues to hurt after the injury occurs, or if your enamel is cracked. Through root canal treatment, it is possible to save an infected tooth without requiring its removal.

What Can You Do To Avoid Further Harm To Your Tooth?

Be careful about putting pressure on an injured tooth for any reason. This means you should avoid eating, and be attentive to your jaw movement so you do not unconsciously clench or grind your teeth. If the tooth is loose, see if you can carefully and safely press it back into place. If it is knocked out, avoid touching its roots when you pick it up, and use milk to keep it from drying out before you see your dentist.

Emergency Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Even if your emergency is a serious one, your dentist can provide work to fully restore your smile. We are able to place modern, attractive dental crowns on teeth that have been chipped or cracked. Once you have your crown, you can be relieved to see just how normal your smile looks. In the event that you need to have a tooth replaced, we do offer lifelike prosthetic appliances that can be put in position permanently. A permanent restoration can be helpful when it comes to biting and chewing, so this work can also restore your dental function!

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Can Restore Your Injured Tooth

Hopefully, you will never have to find out what your Riverside, CA dentist can do for you during a dental emergency. With that said, our practice does provide urgent care when it is called for, and we can make sure your injured tooth receives prompt and proper care! To find out more, or to contact one of our other locations close to you, please reach us at the below:

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