From the start of your day to its finish, you will have opportunities to take care of your smile. When you wake up, and before you go to bed, you can directly address potential problems with tooth decay and gum disease by brushing and flossing. In between those times, your decisions regarding what to eat and drink can affect your relative risk for issues that might call for restorative dental work. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can help patients by providing preventive dental services, and by encouraging better behaviors between your appointments. In the long term, your ability to take care of your teeth can help you avoid cavities, prevent gum disease, and generally maintain your smile’s healthy and lovely appearance!

Good Practices At The Start Of Your Day

The start of your day if your first opportunity to clean your teeth. Being thorough in the morning is important, as oral bacteria can multiply while you sleep. This can be why people often experience embarrassing “morning breath,” and it can mean more harmful microbes are around to damage your enamel.

When you choose your typical breakfast, are you thinking about how much sugar you consume? Many cereals, pastries, and other products can pose cavity risks due to their sugar content. Think about what you drink as well as what you eat. For example, black coffee can be enjoyed without sugar, but this beverage may lead to teeth stains if you enjoy too much too often.

Taking Care Of Your Smile Before Bed

Before the end of your day, you should take the time to fully clean your teeth. When you brush, take at least two minutes and work to reach every area of your smile in order to prevent the formation of plaque and bacteria. To clear away food debris and bacteria that might have accumulated between teeth over the course of your day, you should floss as well. If you want to avoid gingivitis, clean at your gum line every time you brush and floss.

Think About How Your Actions Can Affect Your Smile Throughout The Day

Are you drinking enough water? Are you controlling your sugar intake? What you do in the course of your day can change how much harm your teeth might be exposed to, which is why you should think about your oral health during meals and snacks. Drinking more water can be good because it can be a substitute for items like soda and other flavored beverages, plus it can help you wash away food debris and prevent dry mouth, which can affect your natural resistance to decay.

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