If your tooth is not physically injured, why would it feel sore or sensitive? Potentially severe tooth pain can result from an issue with an untreated cavity. As that cavity continues to cause problems for you, the pain can reach a point where it feels difficult to manage. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can help you determine what is happening to cause your discomfort. Because we understand pain can be serious, and a sign your tooth is facing a serious threat, we can even bring you in on short notice. Emergency dental visits help patients manage difficult-to-ignore problems, and they also help ensure issues are addressed before there are further complications.

How Worried Should I Be About My Tooth Pain?

If you are having a hard time biting, chewing, or speaking because of tooth pain, you should not take the issue lightly. If the pain is being caused by a cavity, it can grow worse over time as you ignore it. Over the counter pain relievers may not be enough to help you tune out the discomfort, which means you can have a difficult time consuming anything until you have the matter treated. There is also the concern that your tooth pain is a warning about an infection, which can grow progressively worse and eventually cost you your tooth!

Your Aching Tooth May Be Infected

While cavities can be identified and treated before the damage spreads beyond a tooth’s enamel, people who go without regular dental exams may not realize something is wrong until decay has exposed their tooth to infection. Oral bacteria can move into your tooth and attack the living nerves housed in the pulp, which causes pain and sensitivity. You may also notice a change in the color of your tooth, or swelling near where it is located. Fortunately, root canal treatment can stop a problem with infection before the damage is too severe to make saving the tooth possible. After the root canal procedure is performed, you will need a permanent restoration to keep it safe.

Will My Treatment Negatively Affect My Smile?

Thanks to modern dental restorations, it has become possible to restore unhealthy teeth while preserving a person’s appearance. Tooth decay serious enough to require root canal treatment can demand the placement of a dental crown. A crown made from porcelain or zirconia will be able to match the appearance of healthy tooth enamel, so your restoration can make your smile appear natural even after work has been done.

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