You want to take great care of your kids, and give them the skills and knowledge to care for themselves as they age. Dental health is something to focus on at an early age. After all, once a child’s teeth start to arrive, they become vulnerable to dental decay just like adults! At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we are proud to help patients of all ages maintain healthy teeth. To assist you in protecting your child’s smile, we can provide support in the office during pediatric dental visits. We can also encourage them to stick to good habits at home and take their smile health seriously.

How Dental Visits At An Early Age Help Kids

The first few dental appointments a child attends can help establish their comfort level with dentistry later in life. We want our youngest patients to respond positively to their time in our office. We take care to make their initial interactions as comfortable as possible, and focus on gentle reviews as they familiarize themselves with our surroundings. When the time is right, we can provide the kind of preventive care that matches what adults receive. Even as we do this, we can work to make them comfortable, answer their questions, and give them guidance on smile care that can benefit them as they age.

Using Fluoride And Dental Sealants To Prevent Decay

Simply put, kids have much to learn when it comes to smile care, so they can benefit from extra support against cavities. We offer that support with the use of fluoride treatments, as well as with dental sealants. Sealants create barriers that stop cavities from forming by keeping bacteria and food debris off their enamel. Fluoride treatments will encourage enamel to stay healthy by recovering more quickly from minor decay, which lessens the chance that they will experience cavities.

Make Sure Your Child Is Protected Against Decay At Home

While positive experiences in the dentist’s office matter, you should also take care to help your kids protect their teeth at home. Until they are around six or seven, they can depend on you to clean their teeth. During these sessions, help them recognize the importance of smart care. When they start to brush their own teeth, join them when cleaning your own smile so that you can model good habits. Doing so can help them create routines that keep them safe from problems that require dental fillings and dental crowns!

Our Riverside, CA Dentists’ Office Can Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Teeth

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