Is your child old enough to brush and floss their teeth without your help? As kids take on more responsibilities for themselves, it can sometimes be difficult to know what they are or are not ready for. Even if they feel that they can competently clean their teeth without your direct assistance, they may lack the coordination to do an effective job, which can leave them vulnerable to decay and gum disease. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we help kids maintain their oral health by providing consistent preventive care. We also offer guidance to them on at-home dental care, which can prepare them for brushing and flossing their own teeth.

Make Sure Your Child Is Really Ready To Brush Without Help

Letting a child begin brushing and flossing their own teeth too soon can lead to problems. Simply put, smaller children lack the coordination to effectively clean some of the harder to reach areas of their smile. When those areas are not being cleaned, they are more likely to experience problems that demand restorative dental work. Typically, kids are not ready to brush and floss by themselves until around ages six or seven. Even when they are at this age, it can be a good idea to monitor them and see that they are comfortable with these tasks.

The Importance Of Establishing Good Habits

Even if your child is not quite ready to brush and floss themselves, it can be a good idea to encourage them to see these tasks as important. When kids pick up on the benefits of oral care at an early age, they can continue to make good choices as they age. Letting them practice brushing on their own, and joining them to brush and floss your own teeth while they clean theirs, will give you good opportunities to give guidance to them.

How Your Dentist Helps Your Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth

Regular dental appointments are important for children at a young age. At first, our goals will center around helping kids become comfortable in our practice, and gently easing them into preventive dental care. When they are a little older, we can focus on more traditional preventive care while also giving them instructions on the importance of good oral hygiene. These visits also allow us to recognize problems early and recommend treatment!

Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office Can Help Your Kids Grow Up With Healthy Smiles!

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