As the holidays near, you and your family can look forward to fun activities that involve more than a few seasonal treats. Because of this, it can be an especially important time to make sure your kids know how important it is for them to protect their teeth from problems like tooth decay. Are your children putting enough time and effort into cleaning their teeth? Are they mindful of the problems that decay can cause? One benefit to regular pediatric dental exams is that it gives your dentist time to help your kids learn the value of a healthy smile. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide important guidance and preventive services to your kids, just as we can continue to protect your smile against threats like tooth decay and gum disease!

Cavities Can Affect Kids, Too

Even our youngest patients are vulnerable to tooth decay. To put it simply, a person is at risk for cavities once their teeth start to arrive. Fortunately, you can make sure your kids are protected by scheduling pediatric dental visits at an early age. In addition to carefully cleaning and evaluating their teeth, we can make sure they have information on the importance of good smile care and instructions on proper brushing and flossing.

Starting Preventive Dental Visits For Your Child

While a child’s earliest visits will focus on making them comfortable in a new environment and gently checking on their teeth, once they are old enough we can provide more conventional preventive care. However, one difference between these appointments with kids and regular dental checkups for adults is that kids’ appointments reserve time for instructions and guidance. Another is that your dentist can monitor your child’s development and let you know if there are early signs of trouble that should be addressed.

Could You Set A Better Example For Dental Care At Home?

Have you been able to keep your own smile free of dental crowns and dental fillings? Are you cautious about what you put on your plate during holidays and during the rest of the year? Even with instructions from their dentist, kids look to their parents for guidance. Taking the time to model good brushing and flossing habits, and leading by example when it comes to dieting, can make kids less likely to experience problems with their oral health.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Can Help You Protect Your Child’s Smile!

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