You may see emergency dental work as just something for patients who have physical injuries. While trauma should be taken seriously, this is not the only issue that can demand attention on short notice! A patient who is struggling with a painful toothache can reach out to us to have treatment performed at an emergency dental appointment. During your visit, your Riverside, CA dentist will find the cause for your discomfort and treat the problem so that it no longer causes discomfort. A toothache can be caused by an advanced cavity, one that needs to be treated through root canal therapy to be stopped. Once that is performed, we can restore the tooth with a custom crown.

A Toothache Is Something You Do Not Want To Ignore

If you are starting to grow concerned about a toothache that is severe, or one that will not go away, you are right to seek treatment as soon as possible. The discomfort you feel can be linked to advanced decay from a cavity, one that has already worked its way through your enamel and led to an infection of your pulp. This leaves you with more than just pain to worry about – until your tooth is treated, you are at risk for the further spread of bacteria as well as the potential loss of your tooth!

Arranging Your Emergency Appointment

Reach out to our office to explain what is happening and to arrange your appointment. Once we bring you in, we will be able to assess what is happening with your tooth and see if we need to move forward with restorative dental work. Moving forward with treatment can ensure that the matter is resolved and pain is stopped. While root canal therapy does put an end to the immediate threat to your tooth, work is still needed to restore it and keep it safe.

Our Practice Can Restore Your Tooth And Preserve Your Smile’s Appearance

After restoring the health of your tooth, we can protect it with a custom crown. Crowns are made to keep teeth safe against infection as well as against possible physical damage from when you bite and chew. When appropriate, we can recommend the placement of a crown that looks like your natural tooth, which can ensure your smile is not changed by your procedure.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Your Toothache

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