Jaw pain and stiffness should not be a regular aspect of your daily life. If you are continually impacted by difficult or uncomfortable movement when biting, chewing, and speaking, it can suggest a problem with TMJ disorder. People who experience TMJ disorder have their problems caused by different issues that result in improper jaw joint alignment or movement. To alleviate this tension, and to bring down tension on your joints and muscles, your Riverside, CA dentist can recommend treatment with a custom oral appliance. Oral appliance therapy can reduce tension, positively change your bite movement, and put a stop to your pain! Because many people have issues with teeth grinding while struggling with TMJ disorder, we are also prepared to address this problem and any damage that has affected your enamel.

Are You Affected By Discomfort When You Bite, Chew, And Speak?

Do you find it difficult to move your jaw at times, even when you are simply speaking, laughing, or eating? Do you often wake up with pain in your jaw and face? These issues, along with an increase in headaches or neck pain, awkward clicking or popping in your joints when you move your jaw, and other issues can point to trouble with TMJ disorder. This is a problem that your dentist can identify and discuss with you at a regular dental exam. With that said, you can schedule an appointment just to discuss your concerns if the symptoms of this problem have started to affect your quality of life.

Starting Treatment For TMJ Disorder

With oral appliance therapy, we can ease tension on your jaw and change the alignment of your joints. The appliance you receive will be custom-made to subtly correct the way you naturally hold your lower jaw. With this correction, we can encourage the joints and muscles to rest more comfortably, reducing problems for you. When appropriate, we can also discuss services that can positively change your dental function. That can involve the restoration of teeth that are undersized or damaged with dental crowns, which can lead to a more uniform bite movement.

We Can Help You If Teeth Grinding Troubles Have Damaged Your Smile

If a teeth grinding issue has already damaged your smile, we can discuss services that will help. When the damage is only superficial, we can talk with you about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry to make positive changes. When teeth are chipped, cracked, or broken, more involved work can be necessary.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office About Jaw Pain And Stiffness

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