There are several types of aches and pains that you can experience if you have TMJ disorder. This problem stems from issues with poor alignment and improper jaw movement. When you have these issues and do not resolve them, you can struggle with discomfort on a daily basis, find it harder to bite and chew, and even experience dental damage from related teeth grinding troubles! A visit to your Riverside, CA dentist can give you answers when it comes to TMJ problems. Your dentist will study your joints and movement, and look for evidence of teeth grinding (also known as brusixm) to see if this is a problem that requires attention. We are often able to help patients bothered by TMJ disorder by providing a custom oral appliance that eases jaw tension and helps correct joint imbalances. This is something that we will look for when performing a routine dental exam.

1. Your Jaw Frequently Pops And Clicks During Movement

Do you often feel resistance when you move your jaw, or hear clicking and popping sounds when the joints are in use? These sounds can be a warning that your alignment is off, which can cause continued discomfort if it is not resolved!

2. You Suspect That You Grind Your Teeth Most Nights Or Every Night

Nightly teeth grinding is a serious problem, one that you should discuss with your dentist as soon as possible. If you do not, the wear and tear can negatively affect your smile and eventually even cause damage that requires restorative dental work. If your teeth look worn or misshapen, but remain healthy, cosmetic dental work can help.

3. You Are Frequently Dealing With Jaw Pain, Headaches, And Other Discomforts

Simply put, TMJ disorder can be tough to live with because it puts you through frequent aches and pains. The sooner you bring your discomfort up with your dentist, the sooner you can have the matter evaluated and treated with an oral appliance. The appliance will hold your jaw in a more comfortable position that corrects your jaw movement and reduces the mounting tension you have struggled with.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist If You Suspect TMJ Disorder Is Affecting You

Our Riverside, CA dental practice is ready to work with you and determine if TMJ disorder is affecting your life. After confirming that this is responsible for your recent troubles, we can recommend treatment to help improve your jaw movement and deal with persistent aches and pains. To find out more, or to contact one of our other locations closer to you, reach out to us at the following:

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