What makes smile symmetry so important? People respond positively to more symmetrical features. If you have issues with your teeth that make your smile uneven, it can hurt your overall appearance and leave you with flaws that attract undesired attention. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office provides multiple services that can positively change the way you look. With the right cosmetic dental procedure, we can give you a lovely, symmetrical smile that is free of conspicuous flaws! For many people, one planned procedure will be all that is needed to deliver terrific improvements.

Cosmetic Flaws Can Make Your Smile Look Uneven And Awkward

Problems with the shape, size, or color of individual teeth can affect more than just those specific teeth. These isolated flaws can make your smile asymmetrical, something that hurts how it is perceived by others. Of course, poor symmetry is not always the result of specific problems. Sometimes, poor spacing between teeth or uneven wear and tear can lead to distracting imbalances.

Reviewing Your Options For Cosmetic Treatment

To restore the appearance of teeth that draw undesired attention, we can discuss treatment with porcelain veneers, or we can look at the benefits of tooth bonding. Both services change the shape, size, and color of teeth that are unattractive. The bonding process leads to improvements without the need to make and place custom restorations. Instead, a resin substance is administered to the fronts of teeth to change the way they look. Porcelain veneers are thin shells that your dentist carefully bonds to the fronts of teeth. Veneers are custom-made in order to produce natural but significant changes in your smile. In the event that you have issues with your appearance linked to poor alignment, we may need to consider the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

How Much Can A Single Cosmetic Procedure Do To Improve The Way I Look?

For many people, one cosmetic procedure will be enough to make all of their desired changes. Through the use of veneers and through bonding treatments, we can deal with multiple concerns regarding the shape, size, and color of teeth, so your results of a single procedure can be significant! By targeting all of the flawed teeth that concern you, we can give you a lovelier and more symmetrical smile with just one treatment approach!

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist If You Want To Learn More About Cosmetic Treatment

If cosmetic dental work interests you, let our Riverside, CA dentists’ office know! We can find the right procedure to target the specific concerns you have about your appearance and move forward with plans to give you exciting esthetic improvements. If you would like to find out more, or if you wish to contact one of our other locations that is closer to you, please reach out to us at the following:

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