When you are not able to bite, chew, laugh, or speak without a degree of jaw pain or stiffness, you can be understandably worried about your dental health! At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can address these concerns by providing treatment for TMJ disorder. When unresolved issues with your jaw health and movement are not dealt with, you can experience difficulties with pain, stiffness, and sensitivity because of poor alignment. When this occurs, you can experience daily jaw pain, headaches, and even difficulty with teeth grinding. By providing you with a custom oral appliance, we can improve your joint alignment and resolve issues with pain and sensitivity.

Ongoing Pain And Stiffness In Your Jaw Can Be Difficult To Ignore

If you have issues with the positioning or movement of your jaw joints, you can start to struggle with stiff, painful, or limited bite movements. When this is not addressed, it can lead to an increase in headaches and facial pain, and it can also make you more likely to develop a tendency to clench or grind your teeth! In other words, TMJ disorder is a problem that can be difficult to ignore. When you bring your concerns about discomfort to your dentist, or when you discuss them during a routine dental exam, you can learn about how oral appliance therapy can help you.

Arranging TMJ Treatment With Your Dentist

With a custom oral appliance, we can hold your jaw in a more comfortable and natural position throughout the night. That readjustment can lead to better alignment throughout the day, and a positive change in the way you move your jaw. We should note that an oral appliance can also provide protection to your teeth if you have issues with nightly teeth grinding.

Will You Need Work Done To Address Damage Caused By Teeth Grinding?

As issues with teeth grinding worsen, you can experience more than just discomfort. Eventually, stress and friction can damage your enamel, which can make restorative dental work or cosmetic dental work necessary. If damage threatens your oral health, we can use a custom dental crown to restore your bite and appearance. When the damage is only superficial, we can instead recommend more conservative cosmetic procedures.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist If You Are Concerned About TMJ Disorder

Through oral appliance therapy, we can ease tension on your jaw joints and muscles and provide relief from TMJ disorder! If you have questions about this condition, or if you wish to reach one of our other locations closer to you, please contact us at the following:

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