Who is responsible for keeping your smile cavity-free? On a daily basis, you are the one who can protect your teeth from harmful decay. You do this by brushing and flossing thoroughly, as well as by making good choices when it comes to what you eat and drink. With that said, you may have a daily responsibility to care for your smile, but that does not mean you are the only one who can help you avoid cavity trouble! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help you stay healthy during your regular dental exams. During these visits, we provide dedicated teeth cleanings that remove the bacteria buildup that can cause a cavity to form. We also provide support in the form of early detection and treatment of problems that will call for restorative dental work.

Are You Doing Enough At Home To Prevent Cavities?

In between your regular dental exams, you should have a good routine in place to make sure you are safe from the formation of cavities. Regularly cleaning your teeth by brushing and flossing will help you keep plaque from gathering and forming tartar. The prevention of tartar buildup is particularly helpful for protecting your smile, as this substance will resist removal when you brush and floss. Remember to also do your part by limiting your sugar intake to rob harmful bacteria of food sources. When bacteria do feed on sugars, the release acids as part of their digestive process, which causes enamel damage.

Discussing Cavity Treatment At The Dentist’s Office

If you have a cavity, we can treat it with a dental filling before it becomes more serious. Fillings are a conservative treatment option, one that we cannot use with every tooth affected by decay. If you go too long without an appointment, a cavity can form and worsen until it takes root canal therapy and a crown to restore your oral health.

Regular Checkups Protect You Against More Than Dental Decay

Schedule A Dental Exam At Our Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office

At our dental practice in Riverside, CA, we can make sure our patients stay protected against potentially serious problems with their dental and periodontal health. Regular exams are an important part of your overall preventive efforts, which is why you should schedule them on a consistent basis, even when you feel you have no oral health issues to worry about. To make an appointment, or to discuss treatment at one of our other locations, please call us at the following:

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