Whether your tooth currently feels loose or is already out of its socket, you can feel understandably anxious about permanently losing it. The good news is that your Riverside, CA dentist can help. With timely treatment, you improve your chances of saving a tooth that is vulnerable to being lost. To make this care more accessible, we want patients to know that they have access to our services during dental emergencies. In the event that we cannot save the tooth, we can start plans to restore your full smile with a custom prosthetic appliance.

Act Quickly If You Are At Risk For Losing A Tooth

If you think your tooth is vulnerable to coming out of its socket, or if it is already dislodged, you will have to act quickly if you hope to save it. Even with proper handling, there is only a limited amount of time that it can remain out of place. When you schedule an emergency dental procedure, you have an easier time making sure you are evaluated and treated before it is too late. Once you arrive, your dentist can do work to save your smile.

What To Expect During Emergency Dental Work

While we can offer guidance on how to protect your tooth until you arrive, we will have to inform you of how you can be treated once you arrive and can be evaluated in-person. Take care of a lost tooth by only touching its crown, leaving organic material on its structure, and using a container of warm milk to keep it moist. We will look for the most effective way to move forward with treatment in a conservative manner. Our goal will be to restore both your oral health and smile, even if that means performing prosthetic dental work.

We Can Help Restore Your Smile Even If Your Tooth Cannot Be Saved

Tooth loss can occur even when a patient arrives for emergency treatment. In this situation, we can make plans to replace what was lost with a lifelike appliance. By placing a custom bridge, we can permanently close a gap without oral surgery. The appliance can match your healthy enamel, and it can stay stable and secure enough to let you bite and chew without difficulty.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Is Ready To Help You With A Loose Or Lost Tooth

A loose or lost tooth is certainly cause for alarm. Fortunately, your Riverside, CA dentist can help! Through the appropriate treatment, we can restore your smile, even if your vulnerable tooth cannot be saved. If you would like to learn more, or if you wish to reach one of our other locations, please call us at the following:

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