If you start to fret over the color of your teeth, you can have a hard time maintaining confidence in your overall appearance. What can be especially frustrating about this is that while there are products available at your local grocery store and pharmacy that offer positive results, you can see limited improvements after trying to whiten your smile. Fortunately, you can turn to your Riverside, CA dentist for help. With a professional whitening treatment, you can take care of stubborn stains that have embarrassed you. You can also look at your treatment options if you are looking for an answer to problems with intrinsic discoloration.

Have You Grown Embarrassed By Your Smile Color?

It may be difficult to maintain your smile color simply because there are so many popular foods and drinks that can stain tooth enamel. Even if you maintain an oral hygiene routine that keeps you free of cavities, you can notice a worrying change in the color of your teeth over time. To address this, you can look into cosmetic dental work. To fight stains effectively, you can either take home a whitening kit from your dentist or arrange in-office treatment. We should note that we also provide alternative options for those affected by internal blemishes.

Arranging Cosmetic Dental Treatment For Your Discolored Teeth

Through cosmetic work, you can start showing off a better, brighter smile. We offer both in-office whitening solutions and treatments that you can take home. Both are capable of removing tough stains that have built up over time. For intrinsic discoloration, we can recommend other treatment options, such as the placement of porcelain veneers, which can hide blemishes that have hurt your confidence.

What Else Can You Do To Feel Confident About How You Look?

Through other cosmetic dental services, we can take on problems that affect more than just the color of your teeth. Veneers and tooth bonding services are capable of reshaping teeth and restoring them when they are not the right size. You can also rely on these services to hide problems with spacing that make you self-conscious.

Contact Your Riverside, CA Dentist To Learn How You Can Restore Your Discolored Smile!

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