If you let a problem with nightly teeth grinding go unaddressed, you can find yourself with more oral health concerns over time as friction from this action wears down your enamel. An issue with bruxism can lead to serious dental damage, leaving you with chipped and cracked teeth that need to be restored by your dentist. Your problem can also lead to worsening discomfort that affects your jaw, something that can lead to headaches, joint stiffness, limited bite movement, and more. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help if you think that teeth grinding is a nightly problem for you. We can also step in and care for your smile if you need to do something about dental damage.

Nightly Teeth Grinding Can Have Serious Effects On Your Smile And Well-Being

The longer you go without treating a teeth grinding issue, the more likely you are to have complications that need to be addressed. The continued friction from grinding and clenching will wear down enamel, which leads to damage that may require restorative dental work. Even if the problem is addressed before your oral health is impacted, you can experience issues with your appearance that make you self-conscious. You also need to worry about the effect that this habit will have on your jaw. Pressure from bruxism can lead to worsening stress on your joints and muscles, which can build to issues with TMJ disorder that impact your quality of life in several ways.

A Custom Guard Can Keep Your Smile Protected

You can protect your smile at night when you wear a personalized oral guard. Because your dentist can provide a guard designed for you, it is possible for you to protect your teeth while you are asleep. Its secure design can keep it in place more easily and ensure that your protection remains through the night.

Planning Work To Address Issues With Dental Wear And Tear

When you have visible chips and cracks in your enamel that need to be addressed, we can discuss different treatment options to help you. If the issue is caught in time, a cosmetic dental procedure can carefully hide damages. For example, we can provide tooth bonding and contouring work to discreetly cover problems in just one visit. We can also recommend the placement of porcelain veneers. For teeth that need more than just cosmetic changes, we also have the option of treatment with custom dental crowns.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Resolving Your Teeth Grinding Issues

Through timely treatment for teeth grinding, we can protect your smile and help you avoid active issues with jaw pain and stiffness. If you would like to learn more, call any of our local practices at the following:

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