There are more benefits to orthodontic treatment than just the opportunity to change your smile for the better. With Invisalign treatment, you can improve the way you look and also take on the oral health issues that poor smile spacing can create. This approach makes it possible for you to see desirable changes while not committing to the kind of fixed appliance that draws unwanted attention and remains unmovable throughout your adjustment. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can talk with you about what to expect from treatment, and we can help you explore other cosmetic services that can hide gaps, overlaps, and other spacing troubles.

Are You Bothered By Your Uneven Teeth Spacing?

Poor teeth spacing can create different concerns for different individuals. The uneven alignment of your teeth can hurt your bite function, leading to more difficulties with jaw pain and stiffness. It can also make it potentially more difficult for you to maintain your oral hygiene routine, as it can be difficult to reach areas that are partially covered. Whether you have noticeable gaps and overlaps or a generally awkward appearance because of poor spacing, orthodontic work can help. With Invisalign, we can even make the work of fixing your smile easier to adjust to by minimizing its impact on your appearance and daily life.

Planning Your Treatment With Invisalign Aligners

We will plan your treatment with Invisalign by carefully evaluating your teeth and bite structures, which can both tell us how your aligners should be designed and what corrective movements need to be made. From the information that we gather, we can produce a set of appliances that will gradually make corrections so that you can feel more confident in your smile. During your time wearing these appliances, you can feel relief at how little they impact your appearance. You can also be glad to see how easy they are to remove before you eat or clean your teeth.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treatment With Invisalign Aligners!

Through the use of clear Invisalign aligners, you can pursue orthodontic treatment without making unwanted changes to your smile! Our practice is happy to meet with you if you want to discuss this service, or if there is something else you would like to do to improve your appearance. For more information, you can reach any of our practices in the area by calling the following:

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