Woman SmilingWhen everyday activities lead to the damage of your teeth, it is important to seek proper treatment swiftly before the injury becomes worse. Your teeth are protected by enamel, the hardest substance in your body, but tooth decay and physical wear and tear can cause permanent harm across your lifetime. Dental restorations, such as the placement of a lifelike crown, support the health and function of compromised teeth. Your Riverside, CA dentist can help you return to normal biting and chewing and assist in returning your natural appearance.

A Permanent Solution For Damaged Teeth

Oral health problems impact your quality of life by affecting your appearance and potentially limiting the function of your bite. Practicing daily brushing and flossing habits and making healthy choices at mealtime can reduce potential damage, but anyone can suffer a tooth injury from time to time. To treat impairments from tooth decay or physical trauma, seek a restorative solution from your local dentist. After examination, your dentist will remove any infected or damaged tissue and place a restoration.

Dental crowns allow your dentist to provide coverage for damaged teeth beyond that of a dental filling. This solution completely surrounds the tooth above your gumline and restores function to the point where you can bite and chew without difficulty. The crown will support the transfer of force to help prevent future breakage when your tooth is weakened from injury. Your dentist will work with you to select materials that replicate the shape of a natural tooth and mimic the shade of its surrounding neighbors.

Prosthetic Treatment For Missing Teeth

A custom crown can be placed in conjunction with a dental implant when you experience full tooth loss. Dental implants allow you to support the health of your jawbone while also restoring the appearance of the missing tooth. The dentist will insert a titanium post into your jaw. After you heal from post placement, the dentist can attach your prosthetic restoration.  The combination of the crown and post will stimulate your jaw when biting and chewing food. This stimulation prevents potential bone deterioration by signaling the brain to provide vital nutrients that maintain bone health. The implant will also prevent surrounding teeth from shifting into open space and misaligning your bite.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Placing A Dental Crown

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