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Are you currently experiencing discomfort in a tooth that will not quit? A painful toothache can be a serious distraction and prevent you from concentrating on the important parts of life. Left untreated, the cause of your distress can continuously threaten your oral health. Because the pain can indicate a deeper issue, you should have your tooth examined by a dentist as soon as possible for any persistent discomfort that does not resolve after a few days. If we discover an infection of the pulp of your tooth’s root, we can provide treatment with a root canal therapy. Your Riverside, CA dentist can remove the bacterial infection causing your pain. We will then work with you to plan a restoration to repair the injured tooth and return its healthy appearance!

Dental Pain Can Be A Sign Of Bacterial Infection

While a brief period of discomfort can be unrelated to serious concern, you should report any consistent pain in your teeth to your dentist. A pain that will not go away can suggest something more serious such as a bacterial infection. Bacteria can take hold in the inner structure when a severe cavity forms or after physical trauma breaks the protective seal of your enamel. Your dentist can identify an infection’s presence and recommend root canal treatment when necessary.

Performing A Root Canal To Relieve Pain

When bacteria infects your tooth’s pulp, inflammation of sensitive nerves causes your pain. A root canal procedure can reduce this pain as it removes the inflamed material and associated infection. We will first numb your tooth and then access the inner structure of your tooth to remove unhealthy tissue. Because this access permanently changes the outside of your tooth, we will seal it to prevent bacteria from entering after the procedure. We can then plan a more permanent restoration to place at a follow up visit.

Restoring Your Tooth After Receiving A Root Canal

A dental crown can provide a permanent seal to protect your tooth after removing your bacterial infection. We will design the crown to mimic a healthy tooth’s appearance and can even match its shade to neighboring teeth. This solution will return your ability to properly bite while protecting your tooth against future oral threats.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA Dentist About The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy!

Consistent pain in your tooth can be the sign of a bacterial infection. To remove this threat, we can perform a root canal and provide a lifelike restoration. To schedule a visit, call any of our dental offices near you:

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