Smiling mexican woman in glassesIf you have recently lost one of your teeth, you know how frustrating adjusting to its effects can be. You may experience a more aged appearance or attract unwanted attention to the new gap in your smile. When your loss is a front tooth, you can have difficulty tearing your food when you bite. Consequently, losing a molar reduces your ability to grind your meals.  When not treated promptly, this problem can lead to cavity formation and infection as your remaining enamel wears down from the pressures of an unevenly distributed bite. To prevent further complications, explore your options to restore your missing tooth. Your Riverside, CA dentist can evaluate the health of your mouth and suggest a prosthetic solution to return your full smile. By placing a dental implant, we can return your bite by securing a restoration to a post inserted directly into your jaw.

Dental Implants Support Your Jawbone

Deciding to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant has additional benefits beyond restoring your bite and the appearance of a natural tooth. When your teeth are healthy, they transfer the force of your bite through their roots into your jawbone. The force signals your brain to provide valuable nutrients for continued bone health. When a tooth is lost, you lose the signal and the bone risks deteriorating. An implant mimics a tooth root by transferring the force of your bite into the bone and restoring that lost signal.

Installing Your Dental Implant

Your dentist will begin by inserting a titanium post directly into your jawbone. Over the course of several months, your oral tissues will fuse to the post to secure it in place for years to come. Once you have fully healed, we will place an abutment on the post that allows for the placement of restoration above your gumline. Individual tooth loss may be treated with a dental crown, while the loss of multiple teeth may benefit from a denture or bridge prosthetic.

Dental Crowns Imitate A Natural Tooth

We can create a dental crown with custom materials that match the shade and shape of a real tooth. This helps you reach your esthetic goals when restoring the function of your dental loss. After attaching your crown to your post, we will continue to monitor the health of your restoration at routine visits for cleaning and examination.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA Dentist To  Discover The Benefits Of A Dental Implant!

Replacing your lost tooth provides important health benefits in addition to returning your full smile. To prevent deterioration of your jawbone, consider placing a dental implant to return vital stimulation from your bite. To schedule an appointment, call any of our dental offices near you:

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