man experiencing severe toothacheWhen you experience a painful toothache that will not go away naturally, it can be a sign of an underlying problem that requires professional treatment. If decay or physical trauma exposes an opening in the protective layer of your tooth’s surface, oral bacteria can enter and infect its pulp. Without treatment, this infection even risks spreading into your jaw or other parts of your body.

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we provide reliable treatment for tooth infections in the form of root canal therapy. When you visit our office with painful symptoms, we can examine your tooth to determine if an infection is the cause. A root canal will remove the decaying material of your abscess and treat the inflammatory response that causes your pain by impacting your tooth’s nerves. Following your recovery, we can provide a restoration to return strength to your problem tooth and restore its natural appearance.

When Toothaches Result From Bacterial Infection

Consistent pain deep within your tooth is often the symptom of an infection within its center. You may feel a throbbing sensation that comes on suddenly or intensifies depending upon the position of your head and mouth. Do not ignore these signs as they are a signal that you require a timely examination. When bacteria reach your pulp, pockets of pus can accumulate that create a dental abscess. Your body’s natural defenses create the abscess to prevent the further spread of infection, but sometimes it can result in even more harm. Left untreated, bacteria can make their way deeper into your gums or jaw and erode the bone leading to tooth loss.

Removing Your Infection With Root Canal Therapy

Performing root canal therapy protects your oral health by removing your bacterial infection. We will provide an anesthetic to numb the affected area and ease your discomfort. Using special tools, we will access the inner pulp, clear your infection, and remove decaying dentin. Because this procedure permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we will apply a seal to prevent reinfection while you heal. At a follow-up visit, we may cover the tooth with a dental crown to provide restoration.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy!

When you experience a long-lasting toothache, notify your dentist to determine its root cause. If an infection is present, we can perform root canal therapy and place a restoration to restore your smile. To schedule a visit, call any of our dental offices near you:

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