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When you decide to correct problems with the spacing of your teeth, knowing each of your orthodontic options helps you find the best solution. While each corrective appliance works towards the same goal of straightening your smile, different options offer different benefits during your treatment. While a clear aligner treatment provides the discretion of translucent materials during treatment, traditional braces have the ability to correct more serious misalignment problems. By understanding how they differ, you gain the power of an informed perspective when discussing orthodontic treatment with your dentist.

At your Riverside, CA, dentist’s office, we provide straighter smiles through the practice of orthodontics! When you come into our practice, we examine the degree of your misalignment to determine which corrective therapies best straighten your teeth. You can highlight your preferences for treatment when bringing your teeth into position and gain the look you desire! With both Invisalign clear aligner therapy and traditional bracket-and-wire metal braces, we have you covered when it comes to correcting your smile!

What You Gain With Orthodontics

While the benefits to your appearance of straighter teeth are well-known, did you know that orthodontic therapy greatly improves your oral health as well? This is because misalignment of your teeth can cause serious harm when left untreated. If your teeth crowd into one another, you may find it impossible to fully clean their entire surface when brushing and flossing. This allows bacteria to hide in crevices and form plaques that contribute to tooth decay. Thus, when you straighten your smile, you give yourself full access to fully cleaning and preventing cavity formation. Orthodontic treatment can also prevent accelerated wear and tear of an uneven bite.

Braces Provide Traditional Treatment

When you wear bracket-and-wire braces, you gain the benefit of an appliance that corrects misalignment issues too severe for alternative methods. This solution offers the strength you need when you need it most.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign clear aligner therapy provides a discreet alternative to braces when seeking orthodontic correction. Made from BPA-free materials, your translucent aligner trays gradually bring your teeth into position without permanent attachment to their surface. This means you can remove your aligners for the added benefit of easier oral hygiene throughout the treatment period.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist And Schedule Orthodontic Care!

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