Boy laughing outsideDo you stay on top of regular trips to your dentist? If it has been a while since your last visit, we suggest visiting on a biannual basis to receive a general checkup. At each appointment, we clean your teeth and perform a thorough examination to protect your smile from tooth decay, gum disease, and other common concerns. We have the tools to remove bacterial formations that you cannot treat on your own at home with regular brushing and flossing. By removing these deposits, we attack decay at its source to prevent cavities, loss of enamel, and infections that result from the weakening of the protective layer of your tooth.

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we provide routine cleanings to prevent and detect cavities and help you maintain a healthy smile. By visiting us regularly, you know you are in good hands with a professional eye on your oral care. Your six-month examination can catch any new developments in the health of your teeth before they advance. This can lead to receiving appropriate care before a disease process gets out of hand.

Receiving Professional Care To Prevent Tooth Decay

Brushing and flossing your teeth each day is your most important tool for preventing cavities. This is because decay results from the weakening of your enamel by plaque that form on the tooth’s surface. Unfortunately, this daily habit is not sufficient to remove all bacterial deposits. Regular dental cleanings go above and beyond your daily habits to clean your teeth and inspect the results of your at-home care. We can identify problem areas that require more attention and consult you on your cleaning technique. When you visit us twice a year for cleanings, you may avoid the need for more invasive treatments if decay develops unnoticed.

Removing A Cavity

With rigorous hygiene and regular trips to the dentist, it is still possible to develop a cavity. If we detect one’s presence, we will perform a procedure to remove decaying material and stop decay in its tracks. Because removing a cavity leaves a hole in your enamel, we will place a dental filling to seal it from potential reinfection. We can complete this treatment in a single visit, so make sure to treat decay before it becomes any worse!

Speak With Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treatments For Tooth Decay

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