Yellow Background Riverside CAOne of the most common cosmetic dental concerns is the buildup of stubborn enamel stains, and if these are just not coming up with teeth whitening pastes and over-the-counter solutions, take the time to talk with your dentist about your options in treatment. These stains can develop over time due to the things that you eat and drink, and even if you try to control your diet to limit the consumption of artificial coloration, discoloration can be difficult to avoid.

With our team of talented cosmetic dental professionals in Riverside, CA, you can take positive steps to improve the look of your smile with teeth whitening from a trusted dentist. When you rely solely on supermarket whitening products, you might be prone to use these improperly, leading to lasting dentin sensitivity. Instead, start your path toward a brighter smile with a cleaning and examination from our staff, and then learn about your options in treating those stubborn stains. Our office provides you with a choice between a simple at-home kit or a speedy in-office visit to help you to continue to look your best!

When You Want To See An Improvement To Your Smile, Talk To A Trusted Dentist

If you are in need of a cosmetic enhancement to remove those stubborn stains from your enamel, start out with a trip to the dentist for a cleaning and an examination. Most patients require these appointments every six months, and some need an accelerated schedule of treatment, so you may already be due for your next semiannual checkup. While you are in the dental chair, talk to your provider about your desire to remove those unsightly stains from your smile. It is also important to talk with a knowledgeable oral health professional before you attempt any over-the-counter products, as these can lead to lasting dentin sensitivity if you use them improperly.

Ask Your Dentist About All Of Your Teeth Whitening Options

When your dentist gives you a diagnosis of extrinsic enamel stains, be sure to talk to them about all of the cosmetic teeth whitening options that are available to you. Our office gives you a choice between a comfortable at-home experience with a whitening kit and an in-office visit to erase your stains in one step. Each approach has its own set of advantages, so describe your timeline and your level of comfort to find which method works best for your smile.

Learn More About Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment From Riverside Dental Group

The buildup of stains on your enamel can leave your smile looking dim or dull. Talk to our team to learn about ways that you can help to renew your smile with cosmetic teeth whitening at one of our local offices! Reach us at:

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