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What habits do you practice to keep your bite safe? Brushing and flossing your teeth each morning and evening help guard against the destruction of bacterial plaque and tartar. By practicing consistent oral hygiene, you greatly lower your risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and other common threats. But what can you do to protect against actions that occur while you are asleep? If you suspect you grind your teeth at night, talk to your dentist about strategies for preserving your bite. We can inspect your smile and determine if you would benefit from a custom mouthguard to wear at night. Made from BPA-free plastic, your oral appliance separates each row of teeth to prevent them from grinding against one another. This prevents surface damage that wears away at the protective outer enamel layer of your smile. After getting your nightly condition under control, we can discuss restorative or cosmetic procedures to repair the pre-existing damage.

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we offer custom oral guards that protect patients with nightly grinding habits. Otherwise known as bruxism, this wear and tear increase your risk for additional smile damage as it reveals the inner portions of your teeth to bacteria that live in your oral cavity. Take advantage of preventive care by stopping a grinding habit before it gets worse!

Detecting Your Need For A Custom Oral Guard

If you suspect you grind your teeth while you sleep, consider asking a friend or family member to watch over you at night. They should be able to see movement inside your cheek or even hear the sounds of teeth gnashing against one another. You may also ask your dentist at your next cleaning to inspect the molars for existing wear and tear. If we detect a grinding issue, we will discuss your options for protecting your smile each evening.

Designing Your New Oral Appliance

A custom guard goes beyond the protection offered by a store-bought mouthpiece. This is because we take digital imprints of your oral structures to create a guard that neatly fits the shape of your bite. By increasing the comfort you enjoy each night, compliance becomes simple. Simply wear your night guard each night and take it off when you wake.

Learn More About How A Custom Guard Can Treat Bruxism!

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