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Missing or damaged teeth can be a cause for concern for many people. Aside from the visual appearance that may make you feel less confident, having gaps in your smile can also create a lower quality of living for you and can even lead to health problems. In today’s blog, your Riverside Dental Group is here to tell you about the available options for prosthetic dentistry and how it can help.

Prosthetic Dentistry Restores Your Teeth

You may have heard of bridges, dentures, or implants before as a solution to missing teeth. These solutions are used to help restore function to your mouth. By replacing a tooth or adding a better structure to it, you can chew easier, talk better, and smile happier.

The process of receiving this work is simple. First, you and your dental provider will discuss your concerns. This can help determine what the best type of solution will be for you. Then, you’ll set up an appointment. Depending on which service you get, the preparation may look different.

Before choosing your solution, your dentist will walk you through each type and help decide what the best option is for you. This is based on the severity of your tooth loss, the condition of your oral health, and the type of option you are looking for.

We Offer Three Types Of Prosthesis

Bridges– This is a permanent fixture that replaces missing teeth in the same area. For instance, if you are missing three in the bottom row, this is a good solution for you. We’ll color-match the pontics and crown to the rest of your smile. The pontics are artificial placement, and the crown is bonded to these pieces and keeps the prosthetic in place.

Dentures – Made of medical-grade acrylic, this is a great replacement option for people who suffer from more severe tooth loss. We have several different options for this artificial replacement option. There are traditional dentures, which are adhered with a glue-like material, and you can remove them. We also have the option for implanting dentures which are secured into your jawbone and are a more permanent structure. Depending on the severity of your tooth loss, you may be offered partial or complete dentures. Partials only replace a section of your teeth, whereas complete replace an entire arch of your teeth.

Dental Implants– These are a permanent solution that replaces the damaged structure and restores the missing root. After removing the tooth, your dentist will place a sturdy post made of titanium into your jawbone. Then, an abutment will be placed which sits above your gumline. This is connected to the restoration piece which could be a crown or prosthetic.

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