Riverside Dental Group Offers Implants for a sturdy smile

There is nothing worse than having a missing tooth. Gaps in your smile cause more than lowering your self-esteem. If you have several missing teeth over a long period, it can be difficult to speak, or chew, and your jaw can even begin to deteriorate. There are prosthetic options available like dentures and bridges. If you want a permanent fixture to improve your smile, then dental implants are the best solution for you. Riverside Dental Group of California can do this in our office so that you can be comfortable and have a new smile soon.

Receiving Your Implant

Whether you have just lost a permanent tooth, or you have been using a removable prosthetic, we can begin the process of a permanent post. Here’s what to expect throughout this process:

First, you will need to have a consultation. It is imperative that you have a strong enough jawbone to stabilize the implant. If this is not possible, an alternative solution will be suggested.

An impression will be taken of your mouth so that we can get the proper measurements for the crown to be placed on the implant. At the initial appointment, the area will be numbed and then any remaining parts of the tooth will be removed. Then, the post will be secured into the jawbone.

There will be time in between appointments because the implant needs to fuse to the jawbone. If this does not happen, then we cannot have the permanent fixture in place. Once it fuses, your next appointment will include securing the abutment to the post and adding a crown on top. Depending on your needs, the crown will look different. Some patients have multiple missing teeth in a row, so their permanent fixture will be a bridge or dentures.

After Care

Now you have permanent prosthetics and restored confidence. To take care of your implants, you may have a few follow-up appointments to ensure that they are stable and comfortable. Be sure to brush and floss daily as well as attend your biannual dentist appointments.

One of the best benefits of implants is that you do not have to remove the prosthetic pieces to clean them daily. In the past, dentures and bridges would need to be removed at night and cleaned in a solution. In the mornings, you would have to adhere them with dental-grade glue.

You can now go about your day with sureness in your new smile. You can enjoy your favorite foods again without fear of hurting your prosthetics or other teeth.

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