Riverside, CA dentist offers inlays, onlays, and crownsIn yesterday’s blog, we discussed the importance of filling a cavity. When you have decay, it is important to stop the progression of the cavity as soon as possible. If you harm your tooth in other ways, such as cracks or an entire piece breaking off, there are ways to restore this. In today’s blog, your Riverside Dental Group in California is here to talk about other restorative options after damage.

Repairing A Tooth After Damage

Crowns can be used after breaking or chipping a tooth. When an injury occurs to the tooth, it can lead to pain when eating, swelling, and can even put you at a high risk of infection if not treated promptly. Do not wait until your next checkup to have this looked at. Instead, schedule an emergency visit with your dentist.

At this visit, the dentist will examine the oral cavity and assess the damage. In many cases, a crown can be bonded to the tooth to protect it against further damage. This can also help repair the chip, help you with chewing, and limit the likelihood of the area becoming infected. The crown will cover the entire tooth. Inlays and onlays may also be offered to restore certain parts of the teeth as well, depending on the damage that has occurred.

Inlays & Onlays For Customized Restorations

Instead of covering the entire structure, an inlay can be placed to repair it partially. This is usually used when the inner part of the structure has been damaged. You can think of an inlay as being similar to a filling. However, there are a few differences. Inlays are often stronger than fillings, stain-resistant, and are used to repair injuries instead of cavities. The inlay will not cover the cusps of your tooth (the area used to chew food) like a traditional crown would.

Onlays, also known as partial crowns, may be used if you have damage to the cusp or a cavity that cannot be repaired with a filling. A broken cusp can be caused by bruxism, previous dental restorations that did not work, and other wear and tear. If you chronically grind your teeth, you can talk to your dentist about receiving a bruxism appliance to protect your smile against fractures to avoid needing restorations like this.

Repair Your Smile With A Crown

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