Riverside, CA dentist offers cleanings and checkups

As a general rule, you should be seeing the dentist twice a year for a checkup. These appointments help monitor for problems such as cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer. They also give you the opportunity to bring up any concerns you may have. If it has been longer than six months since your last appointment, it is time to come in again. Your Riverside Dental Group in California can help make this a comfortable experience that you can look forward to.

The Reason For Biannual Checkups

As mentioned earlier, it is important to see the dentist every six months because they help detect problems before they become severe. Your checkup includes two steps: a cleaning and an examination. During the cleaning, your teeth will be cleaned and polished. Plaque buildup that cannot be removed with a normal toothbrush can be scraped off during this process. This makes it more difficult for cavities to form later. Then, the dentist will examine your oral cavity to check for signs of decay, gingivitis, and other concerns. If there are any noticeable problems, a treatment plan can be created to help restore your oral health.

Treating Cavities And Gum Disease

Dental decay is one of the most common problems that patients face. If a cavity is detected during your examination, it will need to be restored with a filling. This may need to be done during a separate appointment. The decayed part of the tooth will be removed, and the space left over will be filled with composite resin. This helps protect the area from possible damage in the future.

If signs of gingivitis are noticed, it is important that this is treated promptly so that it does not develop into more advanced stages of periodontal disease. Signs of gingivitis can include swollen gums, bleeding during flossing, and sensitivity to the area. If caught early enough, it can be treated with deep cleanings that remove plaque from below the gumline.

Other Concerns Your Dentist Can Help With

Aside from the main problems that your dentist will look out for, you can also mention concerns such as wanting to improve the appearance of your smile. Depending on your needs and goals, this can be achieved with methods such as professional whitening or veneers.

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