Riverside, CA, dentist offers mouthguards

Spring is upon us, which means your little ones may be more active in sports and other activities. We want you and your child to enjoy their favorite games and stay safe. To protect their smiles and prevent tooth and mouth injuries, consider getting your kid a custom mouthguard. Riverside Dental Group offers this protective tool that can reduce the chances of needing an emergency dentist visit.

Why Wear A Mouthguard?

Although our teeth can be replaced with prosthetics if needed, it is important to keep your natural ones intact for as long as possible. If your child plays contact sports, like football, hockey, or soccer, they are at risk of injuries to the face. When this happens, it can cause harm to their mouth, gums, and pearly whites. To prevent the need for several restorations or replacements in the future, pro-form mouthguards can be worn to protect their smiles. The dentist will take an impression of your oral cavity to create the appliance. Unlike generic protective appliances you can buy, these can come in many different colors and will fit snuggly to your smile.

If Your Smile Has Been Injured

Accidents can happen, even if we do our best to prevent them. If one of your pearly whites has been harmed during a game, schedule an emergency visit with our team. Do not wait until your next checkup, as the injury could worsen or become infected without treatment. During your urgent visit, the dentist will be able to examine the area and create the most helpful treatment plan if needed. For instance, if a tooth has been cracked, a dental crown can be used to protect and restore the area.

Mouthguards Protect Your Braces, Too

Is your child going through orthodontic treatment? Mouthguards are a great way to protect their braces or other appliances during athletic activities. Knowing that their braces and teeth will be safe during their games can help put you at ease.

Your child can begin the orthodontic process around the age of seven. You can schedule their initial consultation with our team. We will thoroughly examine their smile and help outline the treatment plan to straighten their smile. We offer braces or Invisalign depending on their age and needs. If you are interested in starting this process, we can help guide you through each step.

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