Riverside , CA , dentist offers composite resin fillings

Cosmetic treatments, like bonding, can help improve the appearance of your smile. To do this, composite resin is applied to the blemished areas to help disguise these imperfections. This material can also be used in restorations, such as fillings, to help repair your tooth after cavities. Riverside Dental Group in California uses this material instead of silver or gold to help achieve a lifelike and durable appearance.

Cavities Can Harm Your Teeth

Tooth decay is a common dental problem that many patients will face. It is estimated that at least all adults will have one cavity in their lifetime. Harmful bacteria can develop from food or drink particles, which can then turn into plaque. This hardened plaque can begin to demineralize your enamel and can create a hole in your tooth as it continues to wear down. Our enamel is the protective layer of our pearly whites. It is a very strong material that unfortunately cannot be regrown if it has been damaged. This is one reason why decay is harmful to our smiles. If the cavity is not treated, it will continue to wear down the enamel and may enter deeper layers of your teeth. This can cause sensitivity and discomfort and may require more extensive treatments to restore.

Fillings Help Restore The Tooth

During your biannual checkup, your dentist will clean and examine your smile. This helps check for many concerns, including cavities. Early signs of decay can be found in X-rays and may be reversed with improved oral hygiene and fluoride treatments. If a cavity has fully formed, your dentist may recommend a restorative treatment such as a filling.

Dental fillings are a simple procedure that involves removing the damaged area and adding a durable material to the space left behind. This helps protect it against further harm and keeps the natural tooth intact.

We Use Composite Resin For Fillings

There are many materials that can be used for fillings. In our office, we use composite resin due to its lifelike appearance and durability. Unlike other materials, this can blend in with your smile and will not change shapes depending on the temperature. We can also use this material for minor chips and cracks, or for cosmetic bonding.

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